Someone Has Been Anonymously Sending Tons Of S…

Someone Has Been Anonymously Sending Tons Of Sex Toys To Canadian Universities:

For months, mysterious Amazon boxes have been showing up at dozens of universities and colleges across Canada containing sex toys, electronics, and other items. The shipping boxes were sent to the schools’ student unions with no return address, no bill of sale, and absolutely no explanation.

Shawn Wiskar, vice president of student affairs at the University of Regina Students’ Union, said the boxes started showing up at the office in November.

“At first we thought this has to be a prank,” said Wiskar, saying the boxes included a number of different sex toys.

But as more packages showed up, the sheer volume of goods made Wiskar and his colleagues reconsider that explanation.

“By now, we’ve received over $1,000 worth of items,“ he said. "It’s definitely perplexed us.”