A 20-Year-Old Is Currently Helping John McAfee…

A 20-Year-Old Is Currently Helping John McAfee’s 2020 Campaign Team By Teaching Him How To Shitpost About Anime:


John McAfee, a one-time antivirus entrepreneur who has in recent years become a cult figure for internet libertarians and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, is currently gearing up for a 2020 presidential run.

The British-American computer programmer announced over the summer that he was going to run in 2020. McAfee lost the Libertarian Party nomination to former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson in 2016.

McAfee is best-known for creating and selling McAfee antivirus software. He was then accused of murder — which he denies. He then rebranded himself as the CEO of a cryptocurrency firm, which he then severed ties with.

On Thursday, McAfee tweeted out the words “McAfee 2020” written on over a picture of Spike Spiegel, the main character from the anime Cowboy Bebop.

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In the course of writing this article, however, McAfee changed his avatar again, this time to Joseph Joestar from Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure. Nawar said it was because he wanted a character closer to him in age.

As for why McAfee is doing any of this, Nawar said that this is all part of an “all press is good press” social media campaign.

“Just get attention by being weird, different, controversial,” she said. “Everything from anime to niche references to just general hype stirring.”