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Charlie Chaplin openly pleaded against fascism, war, capitalism, and WMDs in his movies. He was slandered by the FBI & banned from the USA in ‘52. Offered an Honorary Academy award in ’72, he hesitantly returned & received a 12-minute standing ovation; the longest in the Academy’s history.

In 2002, a 19-year-old garbage man won $15 million in lottery. He spent it all on drugs, gambling and prostitutes and became garbage man again.

When a church put an anti-beer ad in the newspaper, a local brewery accepted it as a $1 off coupon.

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Annie Oakley was such a great shooter that she could split a playing card held edge-on, she hit dimes tossed into the air, she shot cigarettes from her husband’s lips, and, a playing card being thrown into the air, she riddled it before it touched the ground.

Out of the top 30, 100m sprint times, only 9 were run by athletes not associated with doping, all 9 are by Usain Bolt.

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A woman donated her kidney to save the life of her boss who then fired her when she took too long to recover from the operation.

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Beekeepers in NYC noticed their bees making red honey, which led to an investigation that ultimately exposed the city’s largest marijuana farm in the basement of a Brooklyn cherry factory.

In 1971, Soviet engineers working in Turkmenistan set a hole on fire which was filled with natural gases. The engineers expected the flames inside the hole to only burn for a few days, however, they soon found out that this would not be the case. The hole has since been burning for over 46 years and is known as ‘The Door to Hell’.

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Brain scans reveal that dogs not only seem to love us back, but they actually see us as their family.