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The Kailasha temple is one of the largest monolithic Hindu temples, carved out of one single rock, it is considered one of the most remarkable cave temples in the world because of its size, architecture and sculptural treatment.

Photo: Sanket901 / Wikimedia

Wipro founder ‘Azim Premji’ went from 2nd Richest Person in India to 17th position because he donated so much of his wealth to charity. His net worth plunged to $7.2 billion from $21 billion last year. (source)

Photo: Monikia Flueckiger / World Economic Forum / Wikipedia

Maple syrup was promoted in the 1800s as a slavery-free alternative to cane sugar: “Suffer not your cup to be sweetened by the blood of slaves.”

Photo :  Dvortygirl / wikimedia

Dr Seuss drew anti-Japanese cartoons during WWII. When he met the survivors of Hiroshima, he realized “A person is a person no matter how small”. He later created Horton Hears a Who! as an apology, dedicating it to a Japanese friend.


We produce a lot of saliva just before vomiting in order to protect our teeth from erosion due the acidity of the vomit.

Photo : Kevin Galens / flickr


The Mummy had a hazardous production. The cast and crew had a special drink to prevent dehydration, many crew members had to be airlifted out after snake and spider bites, the production took out kidnapping insurance on the cast and Brendan Fraser almost died filming the scene where he’s hanged.

After years of competition between Chuck E Cheese and Showbiz Pizza, Chuck E Cheese went bankrupt and was bought by Showbiz Pizza, who then proceeded to rebrand their locations as Chuck E Cheese.

Photo : Eteixido/wikimedia

Quaker Oatmeal packages in 1902 contained a coupon redeemable for an actual deed to a small plot of land in Milford, Connecticut.


Medal of Honor recipient, Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez had 37 puncture wounds, exposed intestine, broken jaw, and eyes caked in blood. He was pronounced dead until he spits in the face of a doctor who was zipping him up in a body bag.

An 11-year-old girl in Nova Scotia wasn’t allowed to swim in a local river, so the girl tested the water and confirmed it had unsafe levels of fecal contamination. Her findings prompted the government to spend $15 million in fixing the problem. (source)

Photo : LaHave River, Stella’s Science Project / Facebook