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Bulls don’t hate the color red. In bullfights, they charge at the cape because of the motion it makes when the matador waves it. The reason the capes are red is to mask the bloodstains from the fight.

Photo : Hans Watson / Flickr

A middle school in Dallas organized a “Breakfast with Dads” event and then realized some students lacked father figures. So, the school made a Facebook post asking for 50 volunteers. The next morning, 600 men showed up to help out.

Terrified neighbors called the police over a domestic dispute in Australia. When the police arrived, they only found a man and a spider.

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A 90-year-old woman with no heirs signed a contract with a 47-year-old lawyer giving him her apartment upon her death, but he had to pay her a monthly allowance until she died. She outlived him, and his widow continued the payments. She received approximately double the value of the apartment.

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Real bees were used during the making of the 90s horror trilogy CANDYMAN. Over the course of the three films, actor Tony Todd got stung 23 times. He was paid $1,000 per sting.


Jim Cummings, the voice of “Winnie the Pooh”, often calls sick children in hospitals and talks to them in Pooh’s voice. He once called a little girl in the hospital dying of cancer. The mother of the girl told him that was the first time her daughter had smiled in six months.

Photo :  Simon King / wikimedia

All the British coins put together make a shield.

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On January 22, 1943 in Spearfish, South Dakota, the temperature rose from -4 at 7:32 a.m. to 45 degrees–a rise of 49 degrees—in just two minutes. A couple of hours later, it plunged from 54 back to -4 degrees–a change of 58 degrees in 27 minutes.

(source) Photo :  JERRYE AND ROY KLOTZ MD / wikimedia

Twenty-six years before Titanic, William Thomas Stead wrote a story called “How the Mail Steamer Went Down in Mid Atlantic by a Survivor.” The title’s pretty descriptive, with the concern of the story being a lack of adequate safety precautions, specifically lifeboats. Stead himself would die on Titanic.

In WWII the Russians trained dogs to run under German tanks with bombs on their backs. However, the tanks the dogs were trained to run under were Russian, so they ended up running under the Russian tanks and blowing them up instead.