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Dr Stanley Plotkin, the scientist who played a pivotal role in discovery of a vaccine for the US’s Rubella Epidemic of 1964, is now working with six companies to develop a vaccine for coronavirus.

Photo :  Adplotkin98 / wikimedia

Man in Coronavirus lockdown sends dog to store to get bag of Cheetos. Armed with $20 and a small note on its back, the chihuahua delivered the goods.

Photo : Antonio Muñoz/Facebook


Once the Queen is deemed unfit to serve due to old age or disease, worker bees cluster tightly around her body until she dies from overheating, a process known as “balling.”

Photo :  Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service / wikimedia


Most of us are familiar with the three monkeys that mean “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” but, there is a 4th that symbolizes the principle of “do no evil”.

Photo :  Bildforyou7 / wikimedia

A 2-year study showed that washing hands five times daily reduced the incidence of respiratory infections by 45%.


Snooker player Bill Webeniuk was famous for his drinking ability. He once drank 76 cans during a match. On another occasion, after winning a drinking competition by drinking 43 pints, he said I’m away to the bar now for a proper drink”.


In 2007, a robber drove a $280k Porsche through the window of a Malaysian car showroom, then abandoned the car nearby because its gas tank was empty. The robber kept the keys, brought a tank of gas to the police station where the car was impounded and stole it a second time.


Nigel, the parrot, vanished from his British owner’s house in 2010 and was presumed dead or gone until he randomly showed up four years later. Nobody knows where he went, but he came back speaking only Spanish and talking about some guy named Larry.


Keanu Reeves has a private cancer foundation to help children’s hospitals and cancer research, but he does not attach his name to it. He also has spent millions to help his sister in her fight against leukaemia.

Photo : CHARLIE ROCKET/flickr

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