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There are no recorded fatal attacks of wild Orcas on humans. In 2005 a 12 yr old boy in Alaska was bumped by a killer whale while splashing in 4 ft of water. The boy was likely mistaken for a seal, and the bump was an aborted attack once the whale realized the mistake.

The final science exam for 8th-grade students in Ketchikan Alaska is a 2-night survival trip on an uninhabited island.

A section of passenger railroad in Alaska call the Hurricane Turn. Rather than making scheduled station stops, it operates as a flag-stop meaning passengers in this remote area can simply wave the train down to stop. It’s one of the last true flag-stop trains in the U.S.

Photo :  Kolmkolm / wikimedia

In the Town Barrow located in Alaska, the Sun sets November 18 and rise on January 23. Between this period there is total darkness for 67 days.

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The U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia for just US$7.2 million in 1867.

Reindeer aren’t native to Alaska. Sheldon Jackson purchased them from Siberia to help with the food shortages in the late 1800s. He brought in 16 and by the late 1930s there were 640,000.