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Germany’s Werner Freund was once the alpha male of a real wolf pack. He spent decades walking freely among his sanctuary of 29 wild wolves, which all viewed him as their leader. His goal was to rid people of their negative views of the animal, because he felt ‘you are more likely to die from meeting a werewolf than a real one.’

The species lost in just the past hundred years would have taken up to 11,400 years to be lost, if not for human activity.

Australian Redback Spider captures a lizard.

Photo : Calistemon / wikipedia

This is an American Bashkir Curly Horse.

Penguins have been known to push a fellow penguin into the water to check to see if the area is safe and free of predators.

Jaguars have such powerful jaws that they kill their prey by biting into the brain directly through the skull.
Photo : MarcusObal / wikipedia

A chimp in a Swedish zoo collected round disks of concrete, stockpiled them, and saved them until he could throw them at visitors. “Nothing like it has as yet been reported from the wild, nor from any captive chimpanzees”.

Photo : PA/Daily Mail

Cats can remember love and kindness shown to them, and return it in the future.

This horse was stuck in the mud. Its owner, Nicole Graham, held its head for three hours, until help arrived, so it wouldn’t suffocate.

Picture: Peter Ristevski/Geelong/

Puma, Cougar and Mountain Lion are names for the same exact animal.