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The bulldozer got dat 🍆💦👅😍😍

happy holidays to you as well.

The bulldozer got dat 🍆💦👅😍😍

happy holidays to you as well.

An anonymous Brit drew penises around potholes in Manchester to force authorities to stop delaying fixing them. It worked.

The mysterious winner of a $560 million lottery ticket who fought to keep her identity a secret was allowed to stay anonymous, a judge ruled in March. The woman’s lawyers argued that she is part of a group that “has historically been victimized by the unscrupulous”.

WHos' behind this account? Like, are you male? Female? 3 bats under a trenchcoat? 20 years old?

this is technically a group blog but the person who updates it most of the time is a bi cis woman who’s in their mid to late 30s. we can neither confirm nor deny the presence of bats.

Wait my blog isn't listed as NSFW and I can't reblog you either suddenly? Or comment or like your posts or a bunch of other pages either?

fam i’m sorry, i can’t really help you, check your settings again maybe? if you’re not set as NSFW and are still having this issue, let me know and i’ll reach out to my contacts at tumblr dot com

Why can't I reblog any of your stuff?

there’s a thing where if your blog is set as NSFW you can’t reblog us or other buzzfeed accounts, sorry fam there’s not really anything we can do about it :\

every single time i see you guys on my feed, the first thing i think is "what the fuck did i just read" and honestly, y'all are killing my neurons and i'm loving it


Listen, weird buzzfeed. I don't know what powers you hold and I don't care. Please just tell me how to support or personally fund more of those stupid Butter & Toast videos because there are so few of them and I hate it, but they are the only pure source of joy in my life.


Wait what do you mean satan is your colleague ryan

sometimes it feels that way. especially since ryan’s already seen infinity war and i have to wait until sunday.