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An art historian watching the movie Stuart Little in 2009 recognized a prop in the background as a lost painting by the Hungarian artist Róbert Berény. The film’s set designer had found the work at a California antique store for $500; it eventually sold at auction for about $250,000.

Maybe never 🖕

Picasso’s self portrait age 15 vs self-portrait age 90.

Hans Asperger, who identified autism in 1944, once said, “It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential. The necessary ingredient may be an ability to turn away from the everyday world, to rethink a subject with originality so as to create in new untrodden ways.”.

Artist Iris Scott and one of her finger paintings.

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There is a museum dedicated to bad art.

This indoor rainbow isn’t created by sunlight – it’s made of thousands of colored threads. The piece, by artist Gabriel Dawe, was specifically designed for the Toledo Museum of Art’s Great Gallery.