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In 2010, a couple purchased the town of ‘Wauconda’, in Washington, for just $360,000. It came with a café, a gas station, a post office, a four-bedroom house and their own zip code.

A woman named Claire was at a garage sale when she decided on buying an old card table. After bargaining the price down to $25, she took it. She later found out that it was one of six tables left in the world by furniture makers John Seymour & Son. It later sold at an auction for $541,000.

Cormac McCarthy wrote nearly all of his books on a typewriter he bought from a pawn shop in 1963. He sold it in a charity auction for $254,500, and bought an identical replacement for $20.

Photo : wikipedia

This painting by Mark Rothko was sold for $46.5 million at a NY auction.

In 2009, a Hungarian art historian while watching the movie Stuart Little with his daughter, spotted a long-lost avant-garde painting in the background. The painting was bought by a set designer in a Pasadena antiques shop for “next to nothing”, and later sold for $285,700 at an auction.