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In the remote Pilbara region of Australia, an aboriginal community built a “train” to carry their children to school. The train cars are made from metal barrels and the locomotive is a tractor. The train is meant to keep attendance rates on track by getting kids excited to go to school.

Wild birds in Australia can be heard swearing, having learned the words from escaped pets.

In Australia when it gets very hot, the nectar in some flowers ferments and turns into alcohol. Bees that get drunk from the nectar are not allowed back in their hive—guard bees keep them out to prevent them from making the nectar into alcoholic honey.

Australia’s first cops were all criminals. Their first police force was made up of 12 of the best-behaved convicts.

Photo : West Midlands Police / Flickr / wikimedia

The Wrap-around Spider, indigenous to Australia, can flatten and wrap its body around tree limbs like a camouflage.

Photo : dustaway / Flickr

An Australian bird called the rainbow lorikeet routinely gets drunk by drinking fermented flower nectar. When intoxicated, these birds make loud drunken noises which many people find bothersome.

Of the world’s top 25 venomous snakes, Australia has 21.

When foxes discovered fairy penguins on a small Australian island, they nearly wiped the colony out. So, a chicken farmer began sending some of his dogs to protect the birds. Over the next 10 years, not a single penguin was killed by a fox.

In 2001, an Australian child psychologist allowed a 15-year-old boy with terminal cancer to have sex with a prostitute and lose his virginity before he died.

Photo : Jonathan Rolande

Australia has already started to test a network of drainage nets so that plastics and other pollutants do not reach rivers or sea.