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Breast milk once saved 16 people lost at sea. 2 days after their food ran out, a woman told her sister to try her milk. She felt better and offered it to everyone else. The 8 men and 7 women took turns sucking her breasts and were able to survive for 7 more days until currents pushed the boat to shore.

Photo : Jengod / wikipedia

A study which followed 180 pre-term infants from birth to age 7 found that babies who were fed more breast milk within the first 28 days of life had larger volumes of certain regions of the brain at term equivalent and had better IQs, academic achievement, working memory, and motor function.

In Japan, they have lactation bars offering human breast milk—$18 gets you a shot and $46 gets you the nipple.

Females on average have lighter skin than males, so they can absorb more vitamin D and calcium which is important in the production of breast milk.