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The British government has a position called “Chief mouser to the cabinet office” that can only be given to a cat.

Photo : Her Majesty’s Government/ wikipedia

A prison in Washington has created a program called Cuddly Catz, where prisoners are given a cat, which would otherwise probably be euthanized, to care for.

Because of their tendency to take the form of whatever container they’re in, a study was conducted over whether cats should be classified as liquids or solids. It later won the Ig Noble Prize.

Photo : William McCamment / Flickr

Freddie Mercury really loved cats. He had a vest with portraits of his cats painted on it, wrote songs about some of them, and had albums dedicated to not only his favorite cats, but to “all the cat lovers across the universe.” 

Cats imitate baby humans whenever they want you to feed them. Hungry cats emit a vocalized, high-frequency purr that’s in the same acoustic range as the cries of a hungry infant, and humans subconsciously recognize it as being more urgent than other purrs.

The little slits on the outside of a cat’s ears are called “Henry’s Pocket,” and no one is quite sure why they’re there.

‘Werewolf’ cats exist…And you can own one. Meet Lykoi

Lykoi have a naturally occurring mutation of the domestic short-hair cat, meaning that they originated in wild cat populations. They’re born with a full coat of hair like most cats, but lose some as they grow older, giving them that patchy, werewolf-like hair pattern.

A crowdfunding campaign raised over £20,000 (US$26,000) to replace all adverts in a London Underground station with pictures of cats.

Studies show that cats understand human commands but don’t care to follow them.

All mammals weighing more than 2.2 pounds take roughly 20 seconds to empty their bladders. That includes everything from domestic cats to elephants—and an elephant’s bladder holds several bathtubs worth of urine.