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Humans have better eyesight in the daylight than cats do, but cats are able to see much more in settings where humans would be almost completely in the dark. Cats also have better peripheral vision, but don’t see as well when up close or far away.

One reason cats bury poop is to avoid disputes. Dominant cats poop out in the open to claim authority, while others bury theirs to avoid problems. If your cat doesn’t bury it, it may be a sign of illness, or it might just be telling you who’s in charge.

A cat named Tibbles once started bringing dead


to a lighthouse that were discovered to be a new species, the Stephens Island wren. They went extinct shortly after and Tibbles the cat was accused of being the only single living creature to eradicate a species.

In 2012, a stray cat entered the home of a blind dog called Terfel and became his seeing-eye guide. Confined to his basket so he didn’t bump into things, the cat sensed Terfel’s disability and began using his paws to gently lead him around the house; he even assisted for trips to the local park. source

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In the town of Aleppo, a man named Mohammad Alaa Jaleel has been maintaining a cat sanctuary, taking in over 100 cats displaced or abandoned during the Syrian Civil War. source

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