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For years, scientists didn’t know what caused mysterious cave networks in South America. In 2010, they learned that the caves were actually tunnels dug by ancient giant sloths.

In 2000, two brothers drilling in the Naica lead and silver mine discovered a cave of giant crystals nearly 1,000 feet below the Chihuahua Desert in Mexico.

Multiple people have died attempting to cross a seemingly calm, innocent creek called the Bolton Strid. The stream actually hosts multiple underwater cave systems and dangerous currents below the surface that have sucked numerous people to their deaths.

Photo : Andy Hawkins / Flickr

There was a type of cave goat that were cold blooded, had front facing eyes like a primate unlike other herbivores, and their bone growth was more similar to a crocodile than any other mammal. It went extinct about 5,000 years ago.

Photo : Didier Descouens/wikipedia

There’s a beach in Mexico completely hidden inside a cave. s