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The largest number of graves of any cemetery for U.S. personnel killed during World War II is located in Manila, Philippines. It has 17,206 graves. 16,636 of which were U.S. personnel.

There’s a cemetery in the Netherlands consisting of 8,300 US veterans who died in WWII. For the past 70 years, Dutch families have come to the cemetery every Sunday to care for a grave they adopted. Hundreds of people are currently on a waiting list to become caretakers.

Photo : U.S. Embassy The Hague / flickr

The Merry Cemetery is a cemetery in Romania, which is famous for its colourful tombstones with paintings describing, in an original and poetic manner, the people who are buried there as well as scenes from their lives.

Photo : Andrei Stroe / Wikimedia Commons

The difference between a graveyard and a cemetery. A graveyard adjoins a church, whereas a cemetery does not. You can also bury ashes in a cemetery.

Photography by A. Plant