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Christmas used to be illegal in Massachusetts. After 1681, Christmas was no longer a crime, but was completely taboo. Anyone caught making merry or singing carols was prosecuted for disturbing the peace. It remained taboo until 1870, when the federal government made it a national holiday.

In some cities, USPS collects all letters addressed to Santa and allows people to “adopt” a letter and fulfill the gift request, helping children in low income situations experience Santa and a Christmas they might usually not.

Iceland has an official book-buying season – Jólabókaflóð. It runs from September to December, and over half of all books sold in Iceland are sold in the month before Christmas.

When the 24/7 restaurant Denny’s decided to close for Christmas in 1988, many stores realized that they didn’t have any keys, or even locks, since they never used them. 700 of the 1221 restaurants needed to get new locks installed for the holiday.

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The Christmas tree tradition at Rockefeller Center began in 1931 when construction workers pooled their money to buy a tree. They decorated it with tin cans and garlands made by their families.

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In 2010, British goat milk farmer reportedly discovered his goats made more milk when Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” was played on loop.

A 2012 survey of 1,000 Americans found that 45% of them wished they could skip Christmas due to financial pressures.

There’s a legendary “monster” in Iceland called the Yule Cat that eats anyone who doesn’t get new clothes for Christmas. Farmers used to warn their workers that the Yule Cat would come if they didn’t process the autumn wool. If they obeyed, they received new clothes. If not, they’d be eaten by the Yule Cat.

President Franklin Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving up by a week, so that the Christmas shopping season could start earlier.

Walt Disney gave his housekeeper, Thelma Pearl Howard, shares of Disney stock every year for her birthday and Christmas. She died a multi-millionaire at the age of 79. And she gave a lot away to a charity for homeless kids in her will.