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High priced college textbooks bundled with “access codes” that expire at the end of the semester largely force students to buy books at retail prices at campus bookstores and render the texts worthless in the resale market. Nearly four in 10 college courses bundle their texts with access codes.

Boston College has a policy that says employees’ kids can attend for free, as long as they get accepted. One janitor had five kids who all got in, saving nearly $700,000 in tuition.

There’s a university in Sweden where students let out primal screams at exactly 10 p.m. each night. The Flogsta Scream occurs every night at 10 p.m. when university students living in Uppsala’s Flogsta neighborhood stop what they’re doing and let out a collective scream from their windows, balconies, and rooftops to help blow off steam and ease the stresses of college life.

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A father of five worked 23 years as a custodian for Boston College so all of his children could attend the university for free. They all graduated and together saved nearly $700,000 in tuition.

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Rap artist Nelly has sent two kids to college every year for the past 10 years.

An investment bank that lost 66 employees on 9/11 paid the college fees of 54 children of their fallen co-workers.

A kid that made a bet with his parents that if he turned 18 and was a millionaire, they wouldn’t force him to go to college. He first invested in Bitcoin at the age of 12 and now holds investments worth over $1 million. He says he won’t be attending college.

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There’s a Japanese college that lets students wear anything they want to graduation.

There’s a prestigious college to train nannies for the rich and famous. Norland College is “nearly impossible” to get into, and the current nanny for Prince George and Princess Charlotte was trained there.

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Starting in Fall of 2017, state colleges and universities will be tuition-free for New York residents whose families make less than $100,000 a year. source source1

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