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In 1518, a “dancing plague” struck Strasbourg, Alsace, whereby hundreds of people danced fervently in the streets over the period of a month. Some suffered heart attacks or strokes, and many others died from sheer exhaustion. It remains unexplained.

At age 11, Hugh Jackman decided against dance lessons because his older brother told him “dancing is for sissy’s.” Years later his brother apologized and encouraged him to follow his passion. Hugh signed up for lessons the following day and went on to win a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical. (source)

Photo : Gage Skidmore  / Flickr

George Washington didn’t wear a wig; the ponytail and perfect curls were all his. He turned his brown hair white by using lots of powder, so he kept his ponytail in a silk bag to keep it from smearing across his back when he was dancing with the ladies (which he liked to do).