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A custom construction company received permission from Disney to build a full-size replica of the house from Up. It’s located in Herriman, Utah.

When Disney signed on Robin Williams for Aladdin, they found that he was also going to be voice acting in another animated movie—Ferngully: The Last Rainforest. The chairman of Disney Studios tried to pressure him into not doing it, and Williams angrily responded “It’s my voice! You can’t stop me.” (source)

Photo : Eva Rinaldi / Flickr

Don Rickles passed away before he was able to record any dialogue for Toy Story 4. Rather than replacing him, Disney reviewed 25 years of material from the first three films, video games, and other media; they were able to assemble enough dialogue to cover the entire film. (source)

Photo : Disney / JohnMathewSmith / wikimedia

Julie Andrews initially refused the role of Mary Poppins because she was pregnant. Walt Disney however insisted that she played the nanny, saying, “We’ll wait for you.”

Donnie Dunagan, a retired United States Marine Corps drill instructor, managed to keep secret – throughout his entire career – that he was a voice actor in the Walt Disney’s Bambi film, providing the voice of young Bambi.

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Alan Tudyk has had a role in every Disney animated film since Wreck-It Ralph, including the “Duke of Weselton” in Frozen, and a character named “Duke Weaselton” in Zootopia.

Robin Williams agreed to be the Genie for Aladdin under the condition that his voice would not be used to sell merchandise. Disney did not hold up their end of the deal, overdubbed his voice for advertisements, then sent him a Picasso painting as an apology.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who played a witch convicted in the Salem witch trials in the Disney movie “Hocus Pocus”, later discovered that one of her ancestors was a real woman accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials.

Disney threatened to sue three daycare centers in Hallandale, Florida for the unauthorized use of their characters. Universal Studios responded by giving the daycares the permission to paint their licensed characters, and even sent a team of their own artists to paint their characters over the Disney ones.

Pulp Fiction was the first Miramax project to get the green light after the company was acquired by Disney in 1993 – so technically, Pulp Fiction is a Disney movie.