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Man in Coronavirus lockdown sends dog to store to get bag of Cheetos. Armed with $20 and a small note on its back, the chihuahua delivered the goods.

Photo : Antonio Muñoz/Facebook

Dogs get sprayed by skunks so often because skunks lift their tails as a warning, dogs see this as an invitation to sniff which is the exact opposite message from what the skunk is trying to send.

In WWII the Russians trained dogs to run under German tanks with bombs on their backs. However, the tanks the dogs were trained to run under were Russian, so they ended up running under the Russian tanks and blowing them up instead.

Some experts say that dogs can have a form of autism. It causes dogs to display similar symptoms to autistic humans — like difficulties with social interaction and expressing emotions.

Vaclav Bozdech, a soldier in WWII, found a puppy while on the run and planned to kill it so its barking would not alert the Germans. Unable to bring himself to do so, he took it with him, and the dog later helped find survivors of an air raid and saved Bozdech’s life during the Cold War.

Since 1988, a dog breeder has been working on The Dire Wolf Project. The goal is creating a breed of loving companion dog that resembles a prehistoric dire wolf. They are enormous, scary, shaggy, and—by all accounts—terribly sweet.

Volunteers in Madrid watched for dog owners who didn’t pick up their dog’s poop and gathered the owner’s information by chatting until they had enough info to look up their addresses at the town hall. They then sent the poop to the owners’ homes with “lost and found” labels. According to Mayor Borja Gutiérrez, “It’s your dog poop. We are just returning it to you.”

Found shot 17 times, ear cut off, pregnant, blind and living on the streets. Now she’s a therapy dog, and even has a large Instagram following.

In 2010, a man in England was arrested for recording his neighbor’s noisy dogs and replaying the noise at full volume over the neighbor’s fence.

A man running an ultra-marathon was joined by a stray dog for more than 77 miles (125 km) through the Gobi Desert, but he lost track of the dog after the race. With help from 20 volunteers, he finally found the dog after a 2-week search, named him Gobi and brought him back to live in Edinburgh.