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An Anti seat-belt advocate, Derek Kieper, once wrote that “Uncle Sam is not here to regulate every facet of life no matter the consequences.” He later died after being thrown from his vehicle while driving without a seat-belt.

According to a British study, men drive an extra 276 miles per year because they refuse to ask for directions. 

Japanese train drivers and conductors purposely point at all the signs they pass as a way to keep focus and prevent accidents. The technique is called shisa kanko and has been in use for more than 100 years.

Photo :  Jeroen Komen from Utrecht, Netherlands / wikimedia

An Uber Driver asked his Passenger to drive while on a 300 mile route so he could take a nap. He awoke to them being chased by the police.

Photo : Dllu / wikipedia

Alvin Straight, a 73 year old, almost blind man drove his John Deere lawn mower 240 miles to his brother’s house after being denied his driver’s license due to his eyesight.

Hypersomnia, a condition where a person can sleep for 12-15 hours but still wake up feeling tired.

Hypersomnia, or excessive sleepiness, is a condition in which a person has trouble staying awake during the day. People who have hypersomnia can fall asleep at any time; for instance, at work or while they are driving. They may also have other sleep-related problems, including a lack of energy and trouble thinking clearly.

Samsung’s ‘safety truck’ shows the road ahead on screen so drivers can pass it.

Some roads in Australia are so long and boring, they have trivia signs to keep drivers alert.

Photo courtesy of fartjockey / Imgur

Michelle Rodriguez didn’t have a driver’s license when filming started on “The Fast and the Furious.”

There is a bridge in NC with a clearance of 11’8″ that has destroyed dozens of trucks trying to pass under it.