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In 2016, Graeme Wallace, a packing manager at BrewDog craft brewery, added “Mother F***r Day” to the expiration date of 200,000 beer cans after his bosses told him to “be more punk.” The brewery had to pay for the recall of all unsold ones, but Wallace became Employee of the Month.

California law allows employees to take two hours paid time off in the beginning or end of the work day to vote on election day.

In 2017, a deer walked into a store in Colorado and an employee fed it a peanut bar to get it out. Later that day, the deer returned with its whole family.

A programmer at Apple kept working for three months after his project was canceled, simply because he thought the work was interesting and wanted to finish. Apple employees helped his cause by sneaking him into the building, and the project (a graphing calculator) was successfully released.

An EPA employee told his bosses that he worked for the CIA and didn’t go to work for years.

Thomas Edison would give potential employees a bowl of soup during the interview, if they salted or peppered the soup before tasting it they wouldn’t get the job. This was to test whether the employees had analytical minds and didn’t make assumptions.

When Apple began designating employee numbers, Steve Jobs was offended that Wozniak received #1 while he got #2. He believed he should be second to no one, so he took #0 instead.

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In 2013, a Pizza Hut GM stood up and refused to force his employees to work on Thanksgiving, believing they should get to spend time with family instead.

An investment bank that lost 66 employees on 9/11 paid the college fees of 54 children of their fallen co-workers.

Employees at the Amsterdam zoo found an abandoned griffon vulture egg that none of the other vultures would adopt, so they placed it with a gay couple that had been nesting, bonding, and mating for years. The two males immediately took turns lying on the egg, cared for it until it hatched, and are now a happy family of three.