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When Henry Ford doubled the pay of his autoworkers from $2.50 per day to $5, he didn’t do it for altruistic reasons. His factory had one of the highest turnover rates (due to danger of the assembly line and tedium of the work). After the raises, it dropped to the lowest.

A Canadian man’s rectal examination at a hospital was observed by people he assumed were medical practitioners/medical students. He sued the hospital and observers after learning the observers were two actors who play doctors on TV doing research for the TV series “Saving Hope.”

Sweet potatoes are ranked as the most nutritious of all vegetables.

Gabe Sonnier was a janitor in a Louisiana elementary school. In 1985 he was inspired by the then-principal to take up teaching. So, at the age of 39, whenever he wasn’t cleaning classrooms, he was studying in them. He got his teaching degree and, shortly after, his first teaching job. He’s now the principal of that elementary school.

‘Syndrome K’ was a fake disease made up by Italian doctors to save Jews who had fled to their hospital seeking protection from the Nazis. They were quarantined, and the Nazis believed it was a deadly, disfiguring, and highly contagious illness.

In America, before TV was on 24 hours, there was a nightly sign off where the Star-Spangled Banner was played, and an image of the American flag was shown before the TV cut to static.

Jules Verne’s shelved 1863 novel “Paris in the Twentieth Century” predicted gas-powered cars, fax machines, electric street lighting, maglev trains, the record industry, the internet. His publisher deemed it pessimistic and lackluster. It was discovered in 1989 and published five years later.

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Mattel once sold a doll called ‘Growing Up Skipper’ that got taller and grew larger breasts when you turned her arm.

Boanthropy is a psychological disorder in which the sufferer believes he or she is a cow or ox.

A New Jersey man bought a $5 bottle of orange juice from Shoprite; his wife said it was too expensive and sent him back to return it because it was on sale for $2.50 elsewhere. He then decided to buy two lottery tickets with the cash refunded from the OJ; he won $315.3 million.