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Farmers in USA are hacking their John Deere tractors with Ukrainian firmware, which seems to be the only way to actually *own* the machines and their software, rather than rent them for lifetime from John Deere.

In 1943, a volcano began forming in a cornfield in Mexico owned by a farmer named Dionisio Pulido. By the early 1950s, it was over 400 meters tall. Before being evacuated and leaving his home for the last time, he left a sign that read, “This volcano is owned and operated by Dionisio Pulido.”

Some farmers in Bangladesh have switched to raising ducks instead of chickens, because during catastrophic floods, ducks float.

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Some farmers have started feeding their pigs waste products from the marijuana industry, such as plant stems, leaves, and roots. The farmers say it boosts the pigs’ appetite so they get up to 30 pounds heavier than normal, and that it can make the meat taste “more savory.”

After large animals went extinct, such as the mammoth, avocados had no method of seed dispersal, which would have lead to their extinction without early human farmers.

A Chinese farmer who quit school in 3rd grade spent 16 years teaching himself law to sue a chemical company for polluting his village. Wang Enlin couldn’t afford to buy all the law books he studied at a local bookstore, so he paid the store in bags of corn to let him sit and read, copied all the information by hand, and learned what he could with the help of a dictionary. He won the case in 2017. source source1

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