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After his daughter’s killer went on the run, a 76-year-old hired two men to find, kidnap and turn him over to the authorities. The dad then received a one-year suspended sentence for kidnapping.

Steve Jobs often went to his biological father’s Mediterranean restaurant in San Jose and even shook his hand. At the time, his dad didn’t know that Jobs was the baby he gave away for adoption, and Jobs didn’t know that he was his father. (source)

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Father who beat man to death for raping his 5 year old daughter faces no charges in Texas.

A man searching for his father ended up finding out that his best friend since grade school was actually his brother. The men are 15 months apart in age and have known each other for decades.

In 2015, a father saved his son’s life when doctors wrongly declared him brain-dead and were taking him off life support. He barricaded himself with a gun in the hospital and had a stand-off with SWAT until his son squeezed his hand. The son made a full recovery.

A proud father who has 400+ daughters. Mahesh Savani from Gujarat is well known for his humanitarian works. He bore all expenses of weddings of over 400 girls from all religions, who had no father. He did all a father does for his daughter.

Super dad creates beeping Easter eggs so his visually impaired daughter can participate in Easter egg hunts.

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In 2009, a woman claimed Keanu Reeves had hypnotized her, disguised himself as her ex-husband, and impregnated her. She sued him for $3 million for spousal support, and $150,000 per month in retroactive child support for her four adult children. DNA testing proved he wasn’t the father.

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John Lennon’s son, Julian, said he gets angry when people say his father was a great man, because he practically abandoned his family. John left when Julian was around three years old, and then Julian only saw him “maybe eight times at the most,” before he died when Julian was 17.

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A father of five worked 23 years as a custodian for Boston College so all of his children could attend the university for free. They all graduated and together saved nearly $700,000 in tuition.

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