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A fish at the Vancouver Aquarium was given a prosthetic eye so it wouldn’t be bullied by other fish.

The city of Sochi, Russia erected a fish statue costing about $3,800 in honor of the gambusia (aka the “mosquito fish”). In the early 1900s, the fish species were purposefully introduced to the area to fight the infestation of malarial mosquitos, and it worked. There have been no cases of malaria among Sochi residents for over 60 years. (source)

Photo: Nadiva85 / Wikimedia

The Japanese never ate salmon sushi until the 1980s when a Norwegian businessman, hired by Norway’s government to offload excess salmon, made a deal with a Japanese company to sell the fish in its grocery stores, leading to its popularity today.

Female brown trout will fake ‘orgasms’ when courting with inferior males. She’ll give all the right visual cues as if about to release eggs for fertilisation, but doesn’t; the male will frantically ejaculate, not notice he’s been duped, and swim away.

If a female fish sees her lover lose a fight, she loses interest.

The warm-blooded

Atlantic bluefin tuna

is so powerful it can cook its own flesh with sudden bursts of muscle activity.

Photo : aes256 wikimedia

In 1938, the coelacanth, a prehistoric fish more related to reptiles and mammals than modern fish was discovered. It was thought to have gone extinct 65 years ago, during the same period in which the dinosaurs disappeared.

Doctors in Brazil are treating burn victims using fish skin. When applied to a burn, the fish skin creates a protective layer and keeps the burn moist. It also has high levels of collagen, which promotes healing.

Photographer Sunny Inaganti in India captured the unusual moment a heron and snake fought it out in a lake for a fish supper.

Mr. Rogers always mentioned out loud that he was feeding his fish because a young blind viewer asked him to do so. She wanted to make sure the fish were OK.