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The table in pizza boxes is to prevent the top of a food container from touching the food inside.

Photo :  4028mdk09 / wikimedia

Mcdonald’s stopped using beef tallow in their French fries after a wealthy heart attack survivor spent $3 million on full-page newspaper ads calling out the chain for their unhealthy menu.

Crows love to pull tails. It’s a strategy they use to distract an animal from eating so they can steal its food, but they’ve also been known to do it just for fun.

Photo : Julie Edgley / Flickr

A city in Chhattisgarh, India has set up a ‘garbage cafe’ to offer free meals to anyone who collects plastic waste and deposits it to the Municipal Corporation. This step aims at curbing plastic pollution and enhance waste management.

The Japanese never ate salmon sushi until the 1980s when a Norwegian businessman, hired by Norway’s government to offload excess salmon, made a deal with a Japanese company to sell the fish in its grocery stores, leading to its popularity today.

A 1996 federal law allows restaurants to donate leftover food without getting sued, and nobody has ever filed a lawsuit against a restaurant over donated leftovers.

Humans aren’t the only ones who love the taste of pizza: There’s even a mini pizza for dogs called the “Heaven Scent Pizza” made of flour, carrots, celery, and parmesan cheese.

Tomato sauce is not Italian at all but Mexican. The first tomato sauces were already being sold in the markets of Tenochtitlan when Spaniards arrived, and had many of the same ingredients (tomatoes, bell peppers, chilies) that would later define Italian tomato pasta sauces 200 years later.

In ancient Hawaii, men and women ate meals separately and women weren’t allowed to eat certain foods. King Kamehameha II removed all the religious laws and performed a symbolic act by eating with the women in 1819. This is when the luau parties were first created.

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