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Shinrin-yoku (meaning “forest bathing”) is considered a form of nature therapy in Japan which has positive effects on mental and nervous wellbeing. It consists essentially in taking long walks in forests.

One of China’s Richest Men Jack Ma, buys 28,000 acres of U.S. wilderness to protect it from the logging and mining industries, and turn it into a wildlife sanctuary.

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Sweden is actually increasing forest biomass despite being the second largest exporter of paper in the world because they plant 3 trees for each 1 they cut down.

In Japan, doctors would prescribe “Forest therapy” to treat depression and anxiety. The scent of the trees increases activity of the natural killer cells that enhances your immune system which boosts resistance against stress.

An Italian company has come up with organic burial pods that are biodegradable. It will convert the dead into nutrients for the trees. So instead of a graveyard, there will be a sacred forest.

A couple spent 26 years replanting a rain forest in India which they bought in 1991 and now it covers over 300 acres of wildlife that are home to more than 200 globally endangered species of plants and animals, including Asian elephants and Bengal tigers.

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There’s a forest in Poland with 400 crooked trees and nobody knows why. source source1 source2

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A team sets up a polling booth in an isolated forest in India each election so that a lone priest who lives there can vote, because the Election Commission mandates that no voter should “ordinarily travel more than 2km to reach the booth.”

London has so many trees that it can be classified as a forest.