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There is a service that allows you to “Rent a Friend” to attend social events, play sports, travel, or just hang out.

Everyone Is A Combination Of A “Friends” Character And A Dinosaur — Which One Are You?: undefined

Having a sarcastic friend around you can boost your creativity and elevate your friendship with him/her.

In 2013, George Clooney surprised 14 friends with 1 million dollars each. They were friends who helped him before he became famous. Some were living paycheck to paycheck at the time. He also paid for the taxes.

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A teenager from Connecticut completed her bucket list right before she was fatally hit by a car. She wrote the list years earlier, and had one item left: save a life. Before the car hit her, she pushed a friend to get him out of the way.

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Several high school friends formed the Committee to End Pay Toilets in America (CEPTIA) in 1968, which eventually led to laws banning pay toilets in several states.

When a man’s or woman’s natural body functions are restricted because he or she doesn’t have a piece of change, there is no true freedom.  — Ira Gesse

According to scientists, your meanest friend is the one who cares about you the most.

Although the show FRIENDS ended 13 years ago, it still brings $1 billion for Warner Bros. every year in royalties. The six main cast member get 2% of that syndication income i.e. $20 million every year doing absolutely nothing.

Having no friends could be as deadly as smoking.