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John “Chickie” Donohue, a merchant marine from New York City snuck into the war zone in Vietnam in the ’60s to DELIVER BEER to his three enlisted buddies from back home. It is known as the GREATEST BEER RUN EVER and has a documentary made about it.

A man searching for his father ended up finding out that his best friend since grade school was actually his brother. The men are 15 months apart in age and have known each other for decades.

About half of your friends probably don’t think of you as their friend. Studies show social climbing causes a lot of one-sided friendships, because those lower on the social ladder often claim to be friends with people who are higher up, while those at the top are more selective about who they consider to be in their circle. Basically no matter where you land on the ladder you have more fake friendships than you think you do.

A group of Mexican friends attending the world cup in Russia bring life-size cardboard cutout of friend whose wife didn’t let him go.

Having a sarcastic friend around you can boost your creativity and elevate your friendship with him/her.

According to scientists, your meanest friend is the one who cares about you the most.

FRIENDSHIP LAMPS !!! When you touch your lamp, your friend’s lamp will light up no matter how far away they are.

Owen the hippo got washed away from its mother during 2004 tsunami and was brought to a rescue center, where he formed an unusual bond of friendship with a 130 year-old tortoise called Mzee. source

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Tihar. A festival in Nepal that dedicates an entire day to thanking dogs for their friendship and loyalty. source

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