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When the Unknown Warrior was laid to rest ‘among the kings’ in Westminster Abbey, the guests of honor were a group of about one hundred women. They had been chosen because they had each lost their husband and all their sons in the war.

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In 1915, a woman was late to her sister’s funeral. When she arrived, she demanded that her sister be let out the coffin so that she can see her one last time. Upon opening the coffin, the dead woman ‘sat up’ and smiled. She lived for another 47 years.

A woman crashed her own funeral after her husband hired hitmen to kill her. They let her go, telling her they didn’t believe in killing women. Five days later she appeared at her own funeral with her husband pleading for forgiveness.

The number of people donating their bodies to science has doubled in the last ten years because funeral costs are so high, and most schools will cremate the donated body when they are done and return it to the family at no cost.

When General Napier was asked to respect the Indian custom of burning widows on their husband’s funeral pyre, he replied it was English custom to hang murderers.

When Benedictine monks in Louisiana started selling affordable handmade caskets, the state’s board of funeral directors told them to stop since they weren’t licensed. The monks sued, and won. A judge ruled that the licensing regulations didn’t have a legitimate purpose.

Running back, Joe Delaney, who could not swim, died attempting to save three children from drowning.

Delaney had a lifelong history of helping others, and once paid for the funeral of a former teacher whose family could not afford a proper service.

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In New Orleans, a funeral home has gained popularity and criticism for displaying the bodies of the deceased in upright poses, surrounded by their favorite objects as they were in life.