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In 1970, a gay man discovered a loophole in Minnesota law that said gay marriage wasn’t explicitly illegal, as long as officials allowed it. He then changed his name legally from ‘Jack’ to ‘Pat Lyn’ and fooled officials into thinking he was a woman — successfully getting a gay marriage license.

AIDS was originally called GRID or “Gay Related Immune Deficiency”. In the early days of the disease it was also known as “Gay Cancer”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s parents used to beat him because they thought he was gay since his bedroom walls were covered with posters of men instead of women.

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Swedish peace group erected a sign to keep the Russian submarines out of their border – it displays an animated sailor in underwear thrusting his hips with a morse code that broadcasts: “This way if you are gay.”

Photo : Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society

Gay male victims of the Holocaust, who wore the downward-facing pink triangle, were still considered to be criminals when they were freed from concentration camps. They were often sent back to prison to serve out their terms.

Upon restoration of Apethorpe Palace in England, it was discovered that the bedrooms of King James and Duke George Villiers were connected through a secret passageway. It had been long suspected that King James and Villiers were gay lovers.

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Hundreds of love letters between two gay World War II soldiers were found and are being made into a book. In one, one of them wrote, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all our letters could be published in the future in a more enlightened time. Then all the world could see how in love we are.”

Employees at the Amsterdam zoo found an abandoned griffon vulture egg that none of the other vultures would adopt, so they placed it with a gay couple that had been nesting, bonding, and mating for years. The two males immediately took turns lying on the egg, cared for it until it hatched, and are now a happy family of three.

George Clooney once was asked if he would ever play a gay role, his response was “I already did — as Batman”. source

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The tombstone of U.S. Air Force veteran and gay rights activist Leonard Matlovich states this: “When I was in the military, they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one”. source

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