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Between 1907 and 1922, American-born women who married non-citizens automatically lost American citizenship. In 1917, hundreds of American women who had married German men were forced to register with the government as ‘enemy aliens’.

German Parliament has the grafiti “I fu*k Hitler in the ass” preserved as a historic monument on one of its walls.

During WWII, there was a German interrogator named Hanns Scharff who never tortured prisoners to get information. Instead, he shared jokes, brought them homemade food, and took them on nature walks. The prisoners often volunteered the information Scharff wanted, sometimes without realizing it.

Martin Joe Laurello was a German-American sideshow performer who could turn his head 180 degrees.

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Five days after Hitler committed suicide, German and American troops fought side by side to defend Itter Castle against Himmler’s SS. source

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German poet “Heinrich Heine” left his entire estate to his wife, but with one condition: she had to remarry “because then there will be at least one man to regret my death.” source

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In WWII, Germans tank drivers in Africa would drive tanks over camel poop for luck. Allies responded by planting land mines disguised as camel dung. Germans got wind of this and began riding over dung that was already overrun with tank tracks. In turn, Allies made mines looking like overrun dung. source

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In a German village called Fuggerei, the rent hasn’t been raised since 1520—it costs just 88 euro cents to live there for an entire year. –Source

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