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Notice the ghost on the head of this Bitis Viper snake that kills more people than any other snake in Africa!!

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After dying her hair, this girl decided to take a photograph to show her
friends on Myspace. She didn’t realise that a terrifying humanoid figure
was lurking behind her. Reportedly, she had been stalked for weeks by
something or someone, but could never get a look at his face. She now
believes that this is the person responsible, but she hasn’t had any
disturbances since contacting a medium. Turns out, she had been fooling
around with a Ouija Board on her own, and made contact with an evil
entity who was the previous owner of her house. She didn’t close the
circle properly, and he was haunting her ever since, demanding release
from the spirit world.

Uber drivers in China changed their profile photos to ghosts and zombie images so that when potential passengers saw these pictures, they would cancel the ride they’d just booked, thus earning the driver the cancellation fee.

Photo :  Timtempleton / wikimedia

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Little Girl’s ‘imaginary friend’ definitely sounds like a ghost. What do you think ?