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These are known as “Ghost Apples.” They are created when freezing rain coats rotting apples, and when the mushy rotten apple falls out, it leaves a shell of ice

Beer glass explodes on camera in ‘haunted’ pub – Unexplained Mysteries

Ghostly figure next to a worker in the Chuquicamata Copper Mine in Chile.

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15 Eerie True Ghost Photographs – Unexplained Mysteries:

This picture was reportedly taken in Jasper, AL in 1942. The couple in the picture had just tied the knot, but it seems not everyone was excited about the wedding

Have a Real Ghost Story, or other eyewitness paranormal experience
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Examples of paranormal activity reader submissions for feature stories could be:

  • Alien Sightings and Alien Encounters
  • Ouija Board
  • ZoZo the Ouija Demon
  • Ghost Sightings
  • Demonic Possession
  • EVPs
  • and more!


    When emailing us about your paranormal encounter please include following if possible:

    • Date / time paranormal encounter
    • Where did the paranormal encounter occur
    • Detailed description of your paranormal encounter
    • Submit any detailed photos, audio, video clips of your paranormal encounter

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    Blindfolded Doll

    Soul-Optional Thai Dolls

    Ghost Car appears from nowhere – Bizarre Video Moment – Unexplained Mysteries