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When Will Smith was 12, his grandma found his profanity-laced notebook and wrote, “Dear Will, truly intelligent people don’t have to use words like this to express themselves. Please show the world that you’re as smart as we think you are,” on the back, inspiring him to be a “clean” rapper.

Photo : Walmart / Flickr

There’s a restaurant in New York called Enoteca Maria that doesn’t employ chefs but employs grandmas. Every day a different grandma from around the world designs a fresh menu, honoring her native cuisine.

A Brazilian grandmother who prays to a figurine of St. Anthony for years, only to discover it was an action figure of the elf Lord Elrond from the “Lord of the Rings” films.

Her relative Gabriela Brandao made the discovery and posted it on Facebook with the caption: “The funniest discovery of 2016.”

After being attacked by a bear, a grandmother sewed-up her scalp, set her dislocated legs, then killed the bear — and ate it.