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The Maharaja (Indian King) of Jamnagar took in and agreed to look after 1000 orphaned Polish children — Jews and Catholics alike — who faced an uncertain future during World War II. The Maharaja told the children, “You may not have your parents, but I am your father now.”

Just before his death in 2005, a carpenter in Iowa named Dale Schroeder decided to donate his life savings to help local poor students go to college. Schroeder had grown up poor and lived a frugal lifestyle, but had amassed $3 million in savings. In the 14 years since his death, his donation sent 33 students to college.

After his son tragically died in an road accident caused by a pothole, Dadarao Bilhore took it upon himself to fill potholes in and around Mumbai to prevent more accidents. Using sand, gravel, and cement gathered from building sites, he has filled 600 potholes since 2015 and is still on it.

“When someone asked me why I fill potholes I tell them, I have lost my kid, I don’t want you to lose yours. It is a tribute to my son. Whenever I fill one pothole, I feel I have saved someone. My son didn’t return, but somebody else’s son will go home safe. So what if my clothes get stained, or my arms get muddy? It doesn’t matter.”

In Taiwan, a 96-year-old saved his village from demolition by painting every surface of it with colorful imagery, which brought in so many tourists that the mayor ordered that the village be preserved.

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A couple decided to rebuild their deserted piece of land of 600 hectares in Aimorés, Brazil. They planted more than 2 million tree saplings. As a result, the site has 293 plant species, 172 bird species and 33 animal species, some of which were on the verge of extinction. Took 18 years.

A 96-year-old self-taught conservationist dedicated the last 40 years of his life to save North American bluebird populations, building and monitoring 350 nest boxes all across southeast Idaho. In part from his conservation efforts, bluebird populations have significantly rebounded.

Nokubonga Qampi became known as the “Lion Mama” in South Africa after she killed one of three men raping her daughter and wounded the others. She was charged with murder – but after a public outcry the prosecution was halted, and she was able to focus her efforts on her daughter’s recovery.

Zeal Akaraiwai, a man from Nigeria pays medical bills for fellow Nigerians that cannot afford to do it. He does that every week and had saved countless lives so far. As he said: “Be the angel you hope to meet”.

During WW2, the winner of the Tour de France, Gino Bartali, put his fame to a good cause. He hid counterfeit document in his bicycle and smuggled them through Nazi checkpoints. These documents saved over 800 Jews lives.

A woman wrote over 40 heartfelt notes and attached them to the railings of England’s Wearmouth Bridge to offer solace to people facing a mental health crisis. Police have credited her with saving 6 lives so far.