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German Parliament has the grafiti “I fu*k Hitler in the ass” preserved as a historic monument on one of its walls.

The sons of Hitler’s nephew who fought for the US, all agreed that they would never marry or have children in order to kill Hitler’s bloodline.

Hitler was a meth addict.

Five days after Hitler committed suicide, German and American troops fought side by side to defend Itter Castle against Himmler’s SS. source

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In the 19th century Human Zoos (zoos that displayed humans) were quite popular. The last one was closed in 1958; oddly, the first person to ban them was Hitler. source

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Hitler’s plan for Moscow was to kill all residents and replace it with a lake.

Russia: ‘Treasure Hunter’ – Lost Nazi weather station unearthed in Arctic

Russian scientists have located a secret Nazi facility that was abandoned before the end of World War II.Constructed in 1942, the mysterious base, which was named ‘Schatzgraber’ or ‘Treasure Hunter’, had remained lost for so long that many people believed it to be little more than a myth.

The story goes that the Nazi scientists stationed there all had to evacuate the facility after eating polar bear meat that made them sick. Some have speculated that the team may have been deliberately poisoned however it is now believed that the meat was infected by a parasite.

The Russian scientists who discovered the base have reported finding hundreds of objects left behind during the evacuation including shells and other WWII weapon fragments.

One thing that still remains a mystery however is what the base was used for. With a name like ‘Treasure Hunter’ it almost seems like there could be something important still hidden there.

Whether the Russians will succeed in unraveling its secrets however remains to be seen.