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Halloween dinner is ready to be served

The Grifter is an Internet an urban legend about a mysterious
video clip allegedly containing footage that is so disturbing to the
viewer it will traumatize the person. On August 10th, 2009, 4chan user
the_solipist posted a thread on /x/ (paranormal) board describing a
video clip that was so disturbing, it would cause viewers to experience
nausea, nightmares and could make them commit suicide. In the thread,
the_solipist shared several dark screen captures of an infant he claimed
were taken from the video.

The content shows the human
sacrifice of small babies and images of satanic ritual abuse. In some
cases, people have attempted to make a copy of the film, but have
failed.It has been said that the video was recorded in the 1930s and
portrays a collection of strange pictures and sounds. In one part of the
movie, the words “Your race is the one that is dying” appears while a
picture of a plant rotting is seen. The footage displays close up shots
of corpses and people who have been possessed by demons. It has been
described as the most disturbing video available on the Internet. (Source)

This photo was taken in 1895 by an amateur spelunker/photographer named Oren Jeffries while exploring an unmapped section of Grand Caverns, in Southwestern Virginia.
At the time it was taken, Jeffries was conducting photographic experiments, using super long exposures to see if anything at all could be captured in the total absence of light—otherwise known as “cave darkness.” He would situate himself on level ground, extinguish his lantern, and then open the lens of his homemade box camera for as long as he could stand the darkness.
During one of these experiments, he heard something approach from the deeper recesses of the cave. Frightened, Jeffries abandoned his experiment and set off one of the Blitzlicht flashes he used for taking traditional photos underground.
According to the report he later gave to a local newspaper, Jeffries saw three “humanoid” creatures staring at him from the shadows and took off running in the other direction and didn’t stop running until he was topside. Several days later, he returned with three other men to retrieve his box camera. This is the image that was recorded on the film inside. (Source)

The photo above reportedly shows a little girl toddling towards her ‘imaginary’ friend. What do you think?

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Creepy as hell
from under rain gutter AGAIN !