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The appendix does have a purpose. It stores samples of good bacteria so they can repopulate your digestive system in case they are wiped out entirely by diseases such as diarrhea.

Your rectum and anus—is lined by cells similar to those in your mouth, which is why spicy foods can burn just as much on the way out as on the way in.

Nail biting has been associated with a better functioning immune system because of the exposure to germs on a small scale that your body can build antibodies to.

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When people self-injure, e.g., cut themselves with razors, the brain immediately stops repeating painful thoughts, such as, “I am worthless and unlovable”, and releases a flood of soothing endorphins. 

Your nipples are as unique as your fingerprints.

In the womb, an embryo/fetus grows 250,000 new neurons per minute – a million neurons every four minutes – for nine straight months.

The body naturally secretes a chemical similar to marijuana to help ease pain.

Obdormition is when your arm falls asleep from lying on it.

If you have nerve damage to your hand, or other body part, it won’t wrinkle when submerged in water.

The cornea is the only organ in the entire human body that has no blood supply. It gets oxygen directly from the air. source

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