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A California woman won $1.3 million in the lottery and filed for divorce 11 days later. She didn’t tell her husband, and two years later her husband found out all about it and sued her. The Judge awarded her husband all of her winnings.

A study has shown that Male Robins Make the Best Bird Husbands as they possess the capability to guess what their wives want to eat, whether or not they saw what the females ate last, they can still get exactly what their partner wished for. They are also Monogamous.

A woman crashed her own funeral after her husband hired hitmen to kill her. They let her go, telling her they didn’t believe in killing women. Five days later she appeared at her own funeral with her husband pleading for forgiveness.

A 2013 survey found that 46% of mothers said their husbands caused them more stress than their children.

In 2009, a woman claimed Keanu Reeves had hypnotized her, disguised himself as her ex-husband, and impregnated her. She sued him for $3 million for spousal support, and $150,000 per month in retroactive child support for her four adult children. DNA testing proved he wasn’t the father.

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Martha Hughes Cannon was a Mormon and polygamous wife who ran for state senate against her own husband. She won, making her the first female state senator in the US.

When General Napier was asked to respect the Indian custom of burning widows on their husband’s funeral pyre, he replied it was English custom to hang murderers.

Marriages with short wives and tall husbands are the happiest, says study.

After her husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg attended class and took notes for both of them, typed her husband’s dictated papers and cared for their daughter and her sick husband—all while making the Harvard Law Review.

If you’re a woman, the scent of your husband or boyfriend can help lower your stress levels.