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A ‘cancer patient’ underwent surgery to remove a lump in his lungs. It turned out to be a toy traffic cone he inhaled 40 years ago. He did not have cancer after all.

Photo : Paul Baxter/BBC

In 2008, an American soldier in Iraq learned his homeowner association had foreclosed on his home. It was a fully paid-for $300,000 home, and the HOA had foreclosed on it for $800 in unpaid dues. They then sold it for $3,500. He later regained ownership in court.

A Taiwanese man named Ben Hsu swallowed an AirPod while asleep. When Hsu awoke, he hit Apple’s tracking and heard beeps coming from inside his body. Kaohsiung Hospital confirmed that the earbud was in his stomach, and he then passed it from his body naturally. After a wash/dry, his AirPod worked as usual with the battery at 41%.

In 2015, two Buddhists who bought £5,000 of live Crustacea and released them into the sea for good karma, were fined £15,000 for ‘untold damage’ to the environment by introducing non-native species.

Their ritual was performed in the belief that returning animals to the wild is good karma. But because the crustaceans were not native species, they threatened other marine life and government agencies had to spend thousands of pounds in an attempt to recapture the shellfish, offering fishermen a bounty to reel them in.

A woman in northern India, who was armed with only basic farm tools, managed to fight off and kill a leopard that pounced on her when she was carrying water. Kamla Devi, 56, said she fought with the animal for more than half an hour using a sickle.

In 2012, a burger king employee anonymously posted an image on 4-chan of him putting his feet in lettuce, with the caption: “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King.” It took 20 minutes for people to track down the branch of the employee. He was promptly fired.

In 2013, a homeless man named Billy Ray Harris found a $4,000 engagement ring in his beggar’s cup. A woman had accidentally dropped it while giving him some change. She returned two days later, and he gave the ring back. In thanks, she set up a fund with the goal of raising $4,000 for him. It ended up making over $185,000.

A middle school in Dallas organized a “Breakfast with Dads” event and then realized some students lacked father figures. So, the school made a Facebook post asking for 50 volunteers. The next morning, 600 men showed up to help out.

Terrified neighbors called the police over a domestic dispute in Australia. When the police arrived, they only found a man and a spider.

Photo : Tom Hickmore/Flickr

Devin Gaines earned 5 bachelor degrees with honors simultaneously at the University of Connecticut, averaging 24 credits a semester and 3 hours of sleep a night. He drowned in 2007 because he didn’t know how to swim.