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Devin Gaines earned 5 bachelor degrees with honors simultaneously at the University of Connecticut, averaging 24 credits a semester and 3 hours of sleep a night. He drowned in 2007 because he didn’t know how to swim.

While competing in a marathon in Thailand, runner Khemjira Klongsanun found an abandoned puppy on the side of the road and rather than leaving it behind, she carried it for the next 19-miles, crossing the finish line with the pup in her arms. She adopted it afterwards.

In 2010, a man in England was arrested for recording his neighbor’s noisy dogs and replaying the noise at full volume over the neighbor’s fence.

In 2010, 7 year old Stella Berndtsson drowned in icy water on Dec 23 . Her body was found after 3½ hours by a rescue helicopter and was taken to hospital. Her body temperature was 13°C/55.4°F. Despite this the doctors succeeded in saving Stella by warming her slowly. Stella made a remarkable recovery.

Two brothers from a set of triplets fooled prison authorities in Russia when one brother swapped places with the other to give him a brief taste of freedom. Rather than returning, the freed brother ran off with his brother’s girlfriend. It took years for the authorities to realize they had been duped.

In 2015, a father saved his son’s life when doctors wrongly declared him brain-dead and were taking him off life support. He barricaded himself with a gun in the hospital and had a stand-off with SWAT until his son squeezed his hand. The son made a full recovery.

A Russian scientist researching at Russia’s Antarctic station allegedly stabbed and injured a colleague who kept revealing the endings of books he was reading.

In 2015, a high school student won a $425k settlement after being suspended for 2 months for replying “Actually, yeah” to an internet post asking if he made out with a teacher.

Firefighters in Pana, Ill. found a cockroach infestation so massive that the city council agreed that the best option was to burn the house down.  

After firefighters saved piglets from a barn fire, 6 months later the farmer sent them sausages made from the piglets as a thank you gift.