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Keanu Reeves runs a private charitable foundation to fund cancer research and children’s hospitals. In 2009, he told Ladies Home Journal: “I don’t like to attach my name to it, I just let the foundation do what it does.”

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In 2009, a woman claimed Keanu Reeves had hypnotized her, disguised himself as her ex-husband, and impregnated her. She sued him for $3 million for spousal support, and $150,000 per month in retroactive child support for her four adult children. DNA testing proved he wasn’t the father.

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Keanu Reeves turned down $11 million to star in Speed 2: Cruise Control. He chose to star in The Devil’s Advocate instead, and took a several million dollar pay cut so producers could meet Al Pacino’s salary demands.

Keanu Reeves gave away almost all of his earnings from the Matrix (~£50 million) to the special effects team, turning them all into millionaires. “Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries” — he said.