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Kissing a baby on the ear can make it go deaf.

In 1837, a British man sued a woman who bit off half of his nose after he tried to kiss her without consent. The judge ruled against him, stating that, “When a man kisses a woman against her will, she is fully entitled to bite his nose off, if she so pleases.”

In 1958, a white girl kissed two African American boys, aged 9 and 7, on the cheeks. The two boys were arrested, detained for 6 days without access to their parents or legal counsel, and were severely beaten by the police. The boys were detained for a total of 3 months.

Richard Dawson (original host of Family Feud) was asked by producers to quit kissing women. He asked the audience to mail in what they wanted, 704 were against the kissing, and 14,600 wanted him to continue.

‘Kissenger’ gadget lets you smooch a long-distance lover over the internet.
When you lock lips with it, the pad senses pressure points and transmits the sensation through to an identical holster on your partner’s phone, wherever they may be. 

Jackie Wilson always kissed the “ugliest” girl in the audience because “they’ll all think they can have me and keep coming back and buying my records.”

Juniper the fox is in love with an Australian Shepherd named Moose. Even though they’re best friends, she still spends her days cuddling him, kissing him, hugging him, sitting on him, and trying to get as much of his attention as she possibly can.

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