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In 1970, a gay man discovered a loophole in Minnesota law that said gay marriage wasn’t explicitly illegal, as long as officials allowed it. He then changed his name legally from ‘Jack’ to ‘Pat Lyn’ and fooled officials into thinking he was a woman — successfully getting a gay marriage license.

Germany has the only tree in the world with its own mailing address. It’s known as the Bridegroom’s Oak, and it receives about 1,000 letters per year from singles looking for love. Anyone can take letters from the tree and respond. It’s estimated the tree is responsible for over 100 marriages.

Between 1907 and 1922, American-born women who married non-citizens automatically lost American citizenship. In 1917, hundreds of American women who had married German men were forced to register with the government as ‘enemy aliens’.

A study found that the more expensive your wedding is, the shorter your marriage is likely to last.

The longest marriage on record lasted 90 years and 291 days. It ended in October 2016 with the passing of Karam Chand, who married his wife Katari in 1925. Though he died a few weeks short of his 111th birthday, the couple was able to celebrate their 90th anniversary together. According to their family, they never argued.

The purpose of the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” was to help young girls accept arranged marriages.

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Several people in the US have married themselves, as part of a self-empowerment movement that started in 2000. Sometimes they even have a wedding reception and take themselves on a honeymoon. Advocates say it acts as a coming–of-age ritual for single people.

Marriages with short wives and tall husbands are the happiest, says study.

In 1901 Spain, a woman adopted a male identity and married another woman. The couple was later discovered and had to escape to Argentina. Their marriage certificate was never annulled, so this is the first recorded same-sex marriage in Spain, 100 years before it was legal.

There was a tradition in Norway, Denmark, particularly on the Faroe Islands, where a girl would present her boyfriend a “willy warmer” (also known as cock sock) to see how seriously he took their relationship. If the gift was rejected, it was seen as evidence that he was not ready for marriage.

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