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In the Tasmanian Devil mating season, the male has to beat the female into submission if he wants to mate. If the male is too weak, the female proceeds to beat up the male.

Female brown trout will fake ‘orgasms’ when courting with inferior males. She’ll give all the right visual cues as if about to release eggs for fertilisation, but doesn’t; the male will frantically ejaculate, not notice he’s been duped, and swim away.

Male spiders give female spiders gifts of prey wrapped in silk to increase mating success. Wrapping the gift in silk prevents the female from stealing it without copulating and sometimes conceals that the gift is just random trash.

Photo :  Fir0002 / wikimedia

There was a global search to find a mate for Jeremy, a rare, left-coiling snail. Because his shell coiled counterclockwise, the opposite direction of typical snails, his sex organs could not align with others. Two candidates were found, but they proceeded to mate with each other instead of Jeremy.

Honey bees ejaculate so forcefully that their penises explode, killing the honey bee shortly after.

Photo :  André Karwath / wikimedia

An endangered parrot in New Zealand was only mating with people’s heads, so they made an ‘ejaculation helmet’ for people to wear which would collect the bird’s rare semen.

To avoid being eaten by the female, some male spiders will often tie her up before mating.

Photo : Alissa Anderson / ScienceAlert

Some parrots French kiss before mating. Some of these same parrots also vomit into the female’s mouth as well.

Photo courtesy of Dawn Ashley/flickr

Female ducks have evolved a complex vagina with several dead-end pockets and tunnels in order to confuse unwanted mates and prevent fertilisation from the wrong male.

Female squids use their color-changing abilities to make it look like they have testicles — And sometimes do this to keep male squids away.

Photo : © Hans Hillewaert/