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For years, scientists didn’t know what caused mysterious cave networks in South America. In 2010, they learned that the caves were actually tunnels dug by ancient giant sloths.

In Japan in 1968, 4 bank employees were transporting 300 million yen in the trunk of a car. They were stopped by a young police officer, who claimed dynamite had been planted in the transport car. When he crawled under to check and smoke came billowing out, they ran away. The “officer” then got in the car and drove away. The case remains unsolved.

The mysterious winner of a $560 million lottery ticket who fought to keep her identity a secret was allowed to stay anonymous, a judge ruled in March. The woman’s lawyers argued that she is part of a group that “has historically been victimized by the unscrupulous”.

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‘The Center of the Universe’ is a circle on the ground in Tulsa, OK. The broken concrete is surrounded by a large circle of bricks, but you’d probably never notice it unless you started talking while standing in the middle. There, you’ll hear your voice loudly echoing back at you, and nobody outside the circle will hear a thing – but nobody knows why.

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An Australian infant vanished in 1980, and her mother served prison time for her murder. Thirty-two years later it was declared she had actually been taken by a dingo.

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