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In the Netherlands, sex is viewed as a fundamental human right; disabled citizens can receive government allowances for legal prostitutes up to 12 times a year.

In 1940, Princess Juliana of The Netherlands was evacuated to Ottawa Canada. When her child Margaret was born, Canada declared her rooms at the Hospital as extraterritorial so the baby would have Dutch nationality. As thanks, Princess Juliana has given Ottawa 10,000 tulip bulbs every year since.

There’s a cemetery in the Netherlands consisting of 8,300 US veterans who died in WWII. For the past 70 years, Dutch families have come to the cemetery every Sunday to care for a grave they adopted. Hundreds of people are currently on a waiting list to become caretakers.

Photo : U.S. Embassy The Hague / flickr

After a woman was taken to the hospital with hypoglycemia (low bloodsugar), two paramedics stayed behind to prepare dinner for the five kids who were still in the house. Afterwards they also did the dishes. Respect. (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

In the Netherlands, there are dozens of public facilities where you can bring recreational drugs including marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy to test if they are safe.

For anyone dreaming of a simple life, you may want to consider moving to Giethoorn, Netherlands. This idyllic village has no roads, and the only access is by water over the many beautiful canals or on foot over its wooden arch bridges.

There’s a Dutch village that has canals instead of roads. In the centuries-old village of Giethoorn, known as ‘Venice of the Netherlands,’ cars are prohibited, there are no roads for driving, and tourists are only allowed to arrive by foot, bicycle, or boat.