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Scientists tested a woman who said she could smell Parkinson’s disease. In 11/12 cases, she correctly identified whether patients had Parkinson’s. Eight months later, the twelfth patient was diagnosed with the disease, giving her a perfect record.

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In 2007, there was a reality show on Dutch television were patients competed for a dying woman’s kidney.

Schizophrenic voices are shaped by local culture. Patients in America hear voices asking them to do violent things whereas in Africa and India, the voices they hear are usually of dead relatives or nice voices offering comfort.

According to researchers, the older the doctor, the higher the patient mortality rate.

The first person to perform a cardiac catheterization was not allowed to perform the procedure on a patient, so he decided to perform it on himself and then walk all the way to the X-ray room with the catheter still in his arm to prove that the tube had reached his heart

There is a mental delusion called The Truman Show delusion where those affected believe their lives are actually reality shows. A patient went to New York to check whether the World Trade Center had fallen believing the 9/11 attacks to be an elaborate plot twist in his personal storyline.

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