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Gabe Sonnier was a janitor in a Louisiana elementary school. In 1985 he was inspired by the then-principal to take up teaching. So, at the age of 39, whenever he wasn’t cleaning classrooms, he was studying in them. He got his teaching degree and, shortly after, his first teaching job. He’s now the principal of that elementary school.

Steven Pruitt has made over 3 million edits on Wikipedia and written over 35,000 original articles – all for free. This man is literally providing the world with free knowledge.

Noah Woods, a five-year-old Georgia boy, awoke to flames in the bedroom. He jumped out of bed, grabbed his two-year-old sister, and got out of the house through an open window. He then went back in to get the family dog and pulled it to safety. He will be recognized as an Honorary Bartow County Firefighter and presented with a Life-saving award.

A Canadian man John McCue took it upon himself to fill potholes with the sign: “I filled the potholes. Pay me instead of your taxes.” Drivers gave him cash, coffee, and joints for filling in potholes.

Union Army general John Sedgwick once said to his men under enemy fire: “Why are you dodging like this? They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.” He was shot dead instantly.

Francis Tsai was an artist who did work for Marvel and was later diagnosed with ALS. When the disease paralyzed his arms, he learned to draw using his right foot on an iPhone. When he was no longer able to use his feet, he used eye-gaze technology to keep drawing.

Photo : Tobii AAC/YouTube

Jordan Kinyera, a Ugandan man, saw his father lose their land in a legal fight at age 6. He spent 18 years in school and became a lawyer and won back the property 23 years later.

Hedwig Porschütz rescued Jews during the Holocaust was jailed in a concentration camp but was not honored as an “unsung heroine” in West Berlin because she had been a prostitute and at the time they did not consider helping Jews an act of resistance. She died poor; no known photos of her exist.

Photo: OTFW, Berlin

A teenager contacted NASA because he found a mistake in their International Space Station data. When STEM students in the UK were given ISS data to review, 17-year-old Miles Solomon noticed a mistake in the radiation levels and wrote NASA an email to alert them. They reviewed his graphs, and when they recruited him to analyze more of their data further, he discovered a daily recurring error in their system.

Gary Gygax’s wife was convinced he was having an affair, so she followed him to a dimly lit basement and burst into the room only to find him and his friends hunched over hand-drawn maps. Gary would go on to invent the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons.

Photo :  Moroboshi / wikimedia